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Living on the Lake in Westlake Village

Westlake Lake – no, I’m not stuttering, this is a lake within Westlake Village California. This is a man-made 125 acre lake with 8 miles of shoreline in the center of town. Originally constructed and designed in the 1960s, It was completed in 1969 by D. K. Ludwig, an oil tanker and shipping magnate, who also owned a development company called American- Hawaiian. The total cost was $3.5 million and involved several risky challenges including a three-story high concrete gravity dam to impound water from local Springs and runoffs from Lake Sherwood and Hidden Valley. The result is a 10 foot deep Lake with over 3000 large mouth Bass and blue channel catfish and a center island partially built up from materials from the lake site itself. Because the island stretches across the county line both Los Angeles and Ventura county required a bridge access hence the name La Venta. The bridge is known to locals as simply “the bridge”.

Westlake Lake
Westlake Lake

The town of Westlake Village borders of Agoura Hills on the East and Thousand Oaks on the West and the Lake itself lies right on the border between Westlake Village and Thousand Oaks. There’s a bridge along La Venta road stretching out into an island in the middle of Westlake Lake with several points in and let’s surrounding the shores and the borders of this pristine Lake in the heart of Westlake Village.

There are approximately 1,300 homes (single family and townhomes) located on the lake or within access to the lake. Townhomes range from the $300’s to $500’s and single family homes range from $500’s to well over $3,000,000. Westlake Lake is a private Lake and is maintained by the Westlake Management Association. You do not need to live on the lake to enjoy boating on the lake! Anyone can become a member of the Westlake Yacht Club and can take advantage of all the perks! Not interested in yachting? There are still other ways to enjoy the lake – every day you will find people running, walking, and bike riding around the lake. The lake is also stopped with bath but the fishing and boating is restricted to Westlake Village residents with their guests so long as they carry a permit. The board is a collection of 33 members who live in the commercial development around the lake and are elected annually by Lake members. Those that wish to more an electric, motorized boat or sailboat within the Marina or along Lakeshore community docs must contact the WLMA office. Will

Additionally, there are wonderful restaurants, shops and businesses located on the The Landing (the name given to the commercial development on the lake) which is on the southwest side of the lake.

For more information on homes around the lake, Lake access or details about boating and yachting memberships, call our office today. We would be happy to personally show you the available listings around Westlake Lake. Image by Rostom Aghanian